Choies Outfit Sets!! Find Me On Lookbook!

Hello, the outfit that I ordered off of the awesome website came in, and I AM IN LOVE!
It was super cheap and it's great quality. I love Choies. They have lots of awesome, stylish clothes for cheap and they also do Free Trials where you can use your Facebook account and enter for chances to win some awesome clothes! If you have a blog with lots of followers, they also let you put a banner on your site and give you some special discounts and free products! :) You should go to their website and check it out, who knows maybe you'll even buy stuff ;)
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link to my lookbook:

Thank you <3

Here is what the set looks like all together. It is soo cute!
For only $16.99, It is definitely worth it :)

Outfit 1:
Mr Cat Print Shorts - Choies ($16.99 For Set!) click here
Lace Shirt With Velvet Peter Pan Collar - Delia's - bought at label shopper ($5.00)
Shoes - Seychelles - Thrifted - ($6.00)
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Outfit 2:
Mr Cat Print Blouse With Mesh Hem - Choies ($16.99 For Set!) click here
Faux Leather Pants - Divided By H&M ($15.00)
Velvet Creepers - Divided By H&M ($15.00)