Friday, February 6, 2015

Desert Bloom

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Again, here's another look that was taken with Ed :)
Like I said last week, Gypsy Warrior is one of my favorite brands. They're awesome and have the best clothes, so I have a ton of outfits by them <3

Desert Bloom.

This Look:
Sabrina Desert Bloom Dress – Gypsy Warrior - 30.80 (Xmas Gift) HERE
Over the Knee Socks – Rue21 – HERE are some on eBay (I think mine were $2)
Burgundy Platform Heels – H&M - 34.95 (B-day Gift) HERE
Floppy Hat – Choies - $13.90 (Xmas Gift) HERE & In Wine Red color HERE
Stone Ring - Earthbound Co. - $9.95 (Xmas Gift)

Mood Ring - Earthbound Co. - $9.95 (Xmas Gift)

Outfit Total (For me): ~ $2.00
That sounds crazy, but everything I am wearing were gifts,
except for my socks. haha

This picture is a close up of the print, taken from GW website!

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Moon Child

Hello & welcome to my blog
Today’s look is another that was taken with Ed
This is one of my favorite look so far because first, I love this kimono and second, Gypsy Warrior is one of my favorite brands.
Enjoy <3

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Moon Child.

This look:

Lilly Moon Kimono – Gypsy Warrior (Xmas Gift) HERE $38
1980s Fishnet Tank (Hand-me-down) Similar HERE & Cheaper HERE
High Rise Skinny Jeans -Mudd - Kohl's - HERE $9.50
Stone Ring - Earthbound Co. - (Xmas Gift) $9.95
Mood Ring - Earthbound Co. - (Xmas Gift) ?
Western Ways Booties - Forever21 – HERE $11.00 (on sale)

My Total: ~ $20.50

Gypsy Warrior is an awesome brand, and they have the best clothes.
This is my favorite piece of clothing. It is so comfortable and I like to pair it
with all kinds of different outfits :)
They are also at PacSun so check them out!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Leather Vest

Hello and welcome to Kaylee Jo's Fashion Show.
I got the chance to take pictures with a professional photographer from my home town, so we took a few different outfit pics. This is my second post that I have done using his photography.

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For this look I used a leather vest, and then I have one picture with my Drop Dead leather Death Bed Jacket. Enjoy :)

Leather Vest.

This look:

Green Knot Crop Charlotte Russe Similar $7.00
High Rise Skinny Jeans -Mudd - Kohl's - HERE $9.50
Heels – Forever21 – $4 (On sale)
Leather Vest
 - (Hand-me-down)

Deathbed Jacket - Dropdead - HERE $24 (on sale)

Outfit Total: ~ $44.50

Details of the Charlotte Russe Crop. It is knit with crochet at the bottom of the front.
These pics show the front and back of the vest. It had cute ruffles on the back!

This is the picture using my DD Death Bed Jacket. I really like this look,
but I enjoyed the vest more :)

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Rock Show

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Today's Fashion Friday post is special because I got the opportunity to take professional pictures of my looks with Ed Photography! :)
He's an awesome photographer, you can checkout & like his Facebook Page:

Enjoy my first Fashion Friday post with Ed's Photography!

Rock Show.

The title of this look comes from the song by my favorite band, Blink-182.
You can listen/watch the video HERE!

This look:
Blink-182 Floral Tee - HERE (Xmas Gift)
Hollister Floral Kimono - SIMILAR (Xmas Gift)
High Rise Skinny Jeans -Mudd - Kohl's - HERE $9.50
Lace Up Boots - Charlotte Russe - Similar HERE& HERE (Xmas Gift)
Outfit Total: ~ $9.50 (For me since most were gifts)

We didn't get very many pictures of this outfit, but if you checkout Ed's page (HERE), you can see more!
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

My First Art Post!

Hello Everyone :) Welcome to my blog.

This is my first official art post. I'm just going to show you guys some of the things I've done. Some will be old and some new. :) Enjoy.

This is a pic of me with my art pieces at the opening night 
of an Art gallery from Friday

La Luna - 2014
El Sol - 2014

I put the pieces into one frame for the art gallery. it says "Live by the Sun Love by the Moon"
I actually just had this and another piece at the show, and this one sold on the night of the opening! :) I am super happy that someone enjoyed this piece!

Here is the other piece I had for the gallery. It is named Guardians
My inspiration behind this piece is the 4 elements. Each element is a guardian
 so that is how I got the name :)

 Air & Earth
Fire & Water

This is a quick drawing I did in the summer of 2014 of the singer FKA Twigs
Her music is amazing and she also has very good visual art in her videos
HERE is her Youtube

A quick doodle  of Pewds and Marzia
I did in the Summer of 2014 :)

This is a project from my 2D class. We had to draw objects, then draw them in only BW
I had to choose what shades would be black and which white.
We learned about light/shadows in this project.

For Drawing class. The project was to draw the interior
of a car, so I choose my boyfriend's Pontiac Firebird. (Charcoal on Rag paper)

For Drawing class. "Sink Full of Dishes" Project.
(Charcoal & Graphite on Rag paper)

Drawing class. To practice light/shadows
(White Conte Crayon on Black paper)

This was my Final for Drawing. Supposed to draw toys or stuffed animals
showing interaction/dialogue. I chose to use my Betty Spaghetty Dolls
from my childhood. :)
If you don't know what 'Betty Spaghetty Dolls' are then you should look them up

And this was my Final Project for my 2D class. We were supposed to show movement & time
using multiple pictures, just as the artist David Hockney. The project was called Temporal Collage. 
HERE is David Hockney's site if you want to checkout some awesome art!

This is a piece I did on my senior year of High School. It is inspired by the amazing
artist Caitlin Hackett. She has been one of my favorite artist since I can remember.
HERE is her site
HERE is her FaceBook
I definitely recommend checking her out!

A drawing of my boyfriend and a kitten I did about 3 years ago

This is a 'mobile' (I thought of it as a wind  chime) I made out of Perler beads
or as my little sister used to call them 'melty beads'
I got the idea off of pinterest, I made it because it looked cute & I loved the pokemon idea.
There isn't a tutorial that I know of, the Pinterest link went to an Etsy page for the mobile. I figured I could make one since Etsy is usually expensive, & I had the supplies!
HERE is the link to the Pin!!
The Etsy page no longer exists.

Maybe I will make a tutorial if anyone ever has interest.

I also changed up the look a bit, I thought it'd look cool and less mobile like/more chime like
 if I used more objects 

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you've enjoyed my 1st art post, I am going to keep posting art from now on!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


 Hello & Welcome to my blog
If you read my last post you know that I am taking pics tomorrow with a photographer from my home town and I am super excited!
Also I am part of an Art Exhibition that is happening tonight, I will let you all know how that goes :)
Anyways here is my latest Outfit:


This look:
Bird Cage Print Top– Lily Rose (Anthropologie) - Goodwill - HERE (on Ebay)
High Rise Skinny Jeans -Mudd - Kohl's - HERE $9.50
Lace Up Boots - Charlotte Russe - Similar HERE & HERE $20.00 (Xmas Gift)
Leather Jacket – H&M - ?
Stone Ring - Earthbound Co. - $9.95
Mood Ring - Earthbound Co. - ?
Purse - Forever 21 - $5.00
Outfit Total: ~ $44.45

I also decided to dye my hair a dark brown and put color on the bottom
I used Ion Brand hair dye that I bought from Sally's
The colors I used were:
Ion Color Brilliance Demi 4N Medium Natural Brown - HERE
Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Azure - HERE

The Blue didnt work too well in my hair. It turned out to be more of a greenish color,
but I still like it :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back soon <3
 Happy Fashion Friday!