Wednesday, August 19, 2015



This Look:
Eye Print Dress- Choies
Leather Biker Jacket - Gypsy Warrior - PacSun
Holographic Boots - No Doubt


Friday, August 14, 2015

The Dark Side

The Dark Side.

This Look:
Handmade Crochet Pentagram – Lunar Fox
This girl makes custom Crochet Bras and halter tops
she's awesome visit her sites to buy yours:

Pink Tank - Forever 21
High Rise Black Skinny Jeans - Kind Of - Gordman's
Cheetah Print Black Leather Jacket - Divided - H&M
Gaze Out Eye Print Flats - Liliana Julique - Lulu's

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kimono Weather

Kimono Weather.

This Look:
Kimono - H&M
Courtney Babydoll Dress - Gypsy Warrior
Belt - Got it at a Garage Sale
Fishnet Wedge Heels - Kanglilia

Black / Purple / Fishnet / Kimonos

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stay Weird

Stay Weird.

This Look:
High Rise Black Skinny Jeans - Kind Of - Gordman's
Black Flatform Slip-on Sandals - Charlotte Russe - SIMILAR
Weird Crop Top – Lazy Oaf (mine is knock off) - bought HERE
The real one can be found HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE
Bandaid Socks - inu inu - Knockoff


Pastel Colors / Holographic / Sandals / Cotton Candy

Friday, July 31, 2015

Ice Cream

Ice Cream.
This Look:
Ice Cream Print Tank – H&M
Marled Jogger Pants - Charlotte Russe
Silver Flatform Slip-on Sandals - Charlotte Russe - Similar

Today's outfit is more on the comfortable side.
These joggers are perfect for dressing up/down,
and just relaxing in. The tank top I've had for a while now. I thought the
black lines in the ice cream brought out the black in the bottom of the
joggers. The sandals are my favorite! They're so surprisingly comfortable, that
I got another pair in black.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inspiration Post x Invaluable

Hello there everyone, this Wednesday's Inspiration Post
is going to be a bit different.

My Inspiration today is a website named Invaluable

They are an online auction marketplace of fine & decorative arts, antiques,
collectibles, and JEWELRY.
I think it is a cool idea to be able to auction these
items to new owners who can appreciate, and pass
it down their family through generations.

If you can remember from my post back in September 2014,
there was a necklace that I talked a little about.

It shows a picture of what the moon looked
like at the time and day I was born. It glows in the dark!
It also has my birthstone at the tip.
November's birthstone was originally Topaz, but
is commonly mistaken for Citrine.

My father bought me this necklace when I was in
5th grade. I remember going to a flea market, and seeing a
booth that stuck out in particular to me.
The woman sitting there was slender, 
had dark, long hair, and green eyes.
She reminded me of a gypsy now that I think about it.

I came up to the table and she asked when I was born.
She then picked out a necklace, showed it to me, and put it 
in a little golden drawstring bag. I remember it was around $15-$20, but 
my father thought it was cool, and knew how much I loved it, so he bought it.

As you can see the bag is worn bare from time. I've had this necklace since I 
was around 10 years old (I'm almost 20 now).
I've always planned on passing it down to my future child, then to their
child and so on. Even though it won't be their birthday, it'll be a nice
way to remember their family member, and to keep a tradition.

Thank you, and be sure to visit Invaluable