Saturday, November 22, 2014

Purchases Post!!

These are the most recent purchases I have made
I am a very big bargain person; I love sales and try to get the cheapest/best quality things I can.

Also, I will try my best to put the links, but since most items are sale/clearance, they might not be available any more.
 Enjoy :)


Halloween Scarves: (Original= $7.99 / Sale= $1) (I bought 3)

Mint Green Lace Peplum Top: (Original= $ / Sale= $) Similar
Red Plaid Crop Top: (Original= $9.99 / Sale= $4.99) HERE
Black Peplum shirt: (Original= $ / Sale= $)

Red Plaid Button Down: (Original= $16.99 / Sale= $8.99) HERE

Fair Isle Car Coat Sweater: (Original= $24.99 / Sale= $13.23) Similar

Crushed Velvet Crop Top: (Original= $12.99 / Sale= Two for $20 so I got this with the Crop Top Above) HERE

Crushed Velvet Skater Skirt: (Original= $12.99 / Sale= Two for $20 so I got this with the Crop Top Above) HERE

This is a bad picture but it's a
Oversized Black Floppy Hat: (Original= $14.99 / Sale= $7.93)


 "All Who Wonder Are Not Lost" Tank: (Original= $24.99 / Sale= $4.80) Graphic Tanks HERE

"Case of the Mondays" Tank: (Original= $24.99 / Sale= $4.80) Graphic Tanks HERE

Lauren Conrad
 Nouveau Romance - Leather Skirt: (Original= $50.00 / Sale= $20.00) HERE

Lauren Conrad
Beaded Crop Sweater: (Original= $54.00 / Sale= $16.20) HERE

Skull Bracelet (Sterling Silver): (Original= $40.00 / Sale= $8.00) Similar

ELLE Detachable Peter Pan Collar: (Original= $50.00 / Sale= $10.00)

Apt 9 Sequin Eyelash Sweater : (Original= $50.00 / Sale= $29.99) HERE only 19.99!


Rings: (Original= each were $0.99 / Sale= each were on sale for $0.50)

Statement Necklace: (Original= $4.99 / Sale= $2.99)

Large Soft Scarf: (Original= $12.90)
similar HERE
and HERE

Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope to keep posting these to help other discover cute items!
maybe I will add in other items not fashion related in future posts :)
please leave comments/questions 

Black & Red

Black &Red

Hello my lovelies
Today is my 19th birthday, so I wanted to post my look today instead of yesterday, but I’m still going to consider it a “Fashion Friday” ;)
Also I've been super busy all Friday and today, that’s why I’m posting this so late.

So I've been shopping a ton in preparation for Christmas.

I am also going to post a “Purchases” post that shows all of the clothes and jewelry I have recently bought on sale from various places! Except the gifts because I don't want family/friends to see what I've bought them  ;)
You can view my most recent Purchase post HERE!!

My links below:


This look:
Scarf – Last Year - the Covered Bridge - $5
Crop Top – Rue21 - HERE ~ $4 in store
High Rise Skirt – Rue 21 - HERE~ $6 in store
Thigh High Socks – eBay - HERE $0.01!!
Shoes – Xhilaration - Goodwill ~ $4
Deathbed Jacket – Dropdead - HERE~ $24
Outfit Total: ~ $43-$44

This shirt is super comfy and even has a zipper up the entire back. I actually bought the shirt first, then I went back another day to buy some Christmas gifts, and I found the matching skirt!

I have been wanting a matching crop and skirt set forever now so I am happy ;3

Here are a few of the things I got for my birthday <3
and I put links to the items :)

From my Boyfriend, Tyler <3
Kiki's Delivery Service - Hottopic

Lauren Conrad Jewelry:
Hand/Chain Bracelet - Similar
Zodiac Symbol Necklace - HERE from Kohl's

From Tyler's Parents:
So I broke my coffee maker sadly, but then Ty's parents bought me this,
so everything is perfect now <33
Cuisinart Keurig Brewer - Here's one on Amazon

From my Mom: 

These are amazing <33

Burgundy Velvet Platform Boots-H&M

From my younger Siblings:
I didn't get a pic of the product, but the link is there
I'm excited to try these out,I will definitely do a review!
TopStyler Instyler - HERE

From my Dad:
The theme in my living room is Asian stuff. Mostly antique. So anytime
someone finds something Asian, they buy it for me haha. I love these statues, too cute! :)

He also got me this Beatles Tee. It's Vintage soft and I love it!
Get it HERE

From my Grandma:
She got me these little glass Asian figures that sit on the edge of a shelf.
They're 1950's and the artist is D. Duralli? I think is what they say on them.

From my Older Brother:
My Brother got me these, and surprisingly he picked out my 2 favorite kinds!
I have an obsession with Maybelline's Baby Lips. I probably have about 20 different kinds haha.

I got a lot more than this and I am very grateful for everything and everyone who got me something or wished my a Happy Birthday. :)

Thank you for visiting, I hope you return <3
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Also Check out my most recent Purchase Post HERE!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Little Mermaid

Hello, & welcome to Kaylee Jo's Fashion Show!

Here are my links:

The Little Mermaid.

Can you guess what this look was inspired by?
Mermaids have been quite popular recently, and I am enjoying it!

For an early birthday gift, my boyfriend bought me this beanie from Hot Topic.
It was $19.50
get it HERE

Here is a picture of the beanie.
It is super soft, and so warm. I believe it is a necessity for the cold weather!

I also got this necklace at Forever 21
It was an extra 50% off so it was only $2.00

I wore the necklace in this look, but you can't see it because of my hair.

Here are some Little Mermaid Inspiration pictures!
The Little Mermaid

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