DealSale x K.J.F.S

Hello all, if you haven't seen already,
I've added an advertisement to my blog.

I now have a sponsor who I can do collaborations with!

DealSale is a company who makes amazing
clothes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, and more at cheap
prices, but great quality.

you can download their app HERE
You can also use the links provided below.


For my first collaboration with them, I chose
a dress. I love the print, and the dress itself it gorgeous.
It has Picasso style faces and red lips.
I accidentally got the wrong size, so I'm not able to take
pics in it, sadly (remember that the sizes are in Asian Size so you have
to read below the item to convert sizes).

So instead, I took some pictures of what I was going to wear with it.

 Brand: DealSale
$100 Coupon - DealSale website :
70% off - IOS :
70% off - Android :
Dress Item Number: SV025155

This dress is cute, stylish, and great quality. It's perfect for going
out with friends on the weekend. It'd be a great dress for New Years, and at 
only $7.00, I think it is worth it.

Pair it with heels & a Leather jacket for a chic look.

The bottom of the dress has lining, but the top is see through,
so you'd have to wear a tank top or slip under it.
There is a zipper on the side of the dress.

Found on Google Images

Again, HERE is the link to download DealSale's app.
Thank you for visiting, hope you enjoyed my blog.

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