Hello my lovelies, welcome to Kaylee Jo's Fashion Show

 Fashion Friday:
I just went shopping yesterday with my friend who is back home for Christmas, and I found some great deals!

Enjoy <3


This look:
Daisy Romper – Charlotte Russe - I can't find it on their site but it's HERE on Poshmark $7.50 (in the actual store)
Fringe Duster Cardigan - Charlotte Russe - HERE $12.00 (in the actual store)
Platform Booties- Forever 21 - HERE on Poshmark $4.99
(keep reading to hear the story of how I got them so cheap!)
Sky High Jeggings -American Eagle - HERE $19.50
Leather Purse - Forever21 - Similar HERE $5.00 (on Black Friday)
Outfit Total: ~ $48.99
Charlotte Russe is having a sale where tops and cardigans are only $12, but it ends on this sunday.
Click HERE to go to the sale
There is a really cute Lace Trim Duster Cardigan HERE

Here are the details of the outfit I'm wearing

details of the cardigan. It is thin, light, and flowy.
I really like duster cardigans lately & the fringe is great.

I'm wearing a romper, but I put the jeggings over it!

So I went to Forever 21, and found a pair of boots in the clearance for $4.99
I also saw these and I saw that there was no price tag or sticker on them. I was going to put them up, but I decided to ask if they could find a price for them.
When I got up to the register, I asked, and the woman said they couldn't check, but since they were in the sale section too, and they were the same size as the other boots, that they were $4,99 also! I was so happy the rest of the day.
I do like these and they're super cute, I just need to get used to walking in heels more often so I don't feel like I'm going to break my ankles or neck when walking haha. 

If you have any questions/comments please feel free to leave them! Thank you for visiting my blog, come back again <3
Also, only 2 days until the winter solstice ;)