Winter Solstice

Hello my lovelies
There are only 9 days left until the 2014 Winter Solstice.
I decided to name this look "Winter Solstice" because I've always been interested in the Pagan & Wiccan Religions. Plus my look is kind of reflective to these "Modern Witches"
The Winter solstice, (also known as Yule) is a widely celebrated holiday.
Here are some facts about it:

DEC. 21st 2014
Also known as Christmas, Yule, & Saturnalia
Shortest day of the year, but the longest night.
It's when Withches and Warlocks celebrate the birth of the Sun God 
The days get longer from this point forward
Wiccan Celebrations include Yule logs, Yule Trees, Mistletoe
At the North Pole, The Sun never Rises on this day.
& here are some other facts:
·        goddesses:Great Mother, Isis, Mary, Tonazin, Lucina, Bona Dea
·        gods:Sun Child, Horus, Jesus, Mithras, Santa/Odin, Saturn, Holly King
·        rituals:personal renewal, world peace, honoring family & friends

·        customs: wreaths, lights, gift-giving, singing, feasting, resolutions

"Winter Solstice for pagans is a time of feasting and the exchanging of gifts and is the original Holiday that the Christian religions modified into their own Christmas, even up to the birth of the child (Most theologians who have spent time studying the birth of Jesus admit he was born in either March or April, not the celebrated Christmas date we all know from the standard calendar - it was moved to this date to help induce Pagans to give up their old ways yet allow them their holidays during the spread of Christianity through Europe and the British Isles). Traditional adornments are a Yule Log, usually of oak, and a combination of mistletoe and holly (also all later plagiarized into Christian ways)." (SOURCES: HERE & HERE)

Winter Solstice.

This look:
Hat – Rue21 - Similar $7.93
Scarf - At a kiosk in the mall - I got it for xmas last year SIMILAR
High Rise Skinny Jeans -Mudd - Kohl's - HERE $9.50
Faux Leather Booties - Forever21 - HERE $11.00 (on sale)
Purse - Unknown brand - I recieved this for xmas this year from a friend :)
Hand Chain – Rue21 - $1.00
Beetle Ring - Forever 21 - $0.50
Scorpion Ring - Garage Sale - $0.50
Long Sleeve Lace Top - Rachel Kate - Blue Eyes and Bare Feet - $24.00 SIMILAR & HERE is a cute Crochet top that looks similar, but without the flowy sleeves.
I bought this top at the bridge festival this year & have been dying to use it in a look. The brand of the shirt is Rachel Kate, the shop's name is Blue Eyes and Bare Feet (Handmade Children's Clothing) They had a ton of vintage, and cute items in their little shop.
HERE is their Etsy.
HERE is Rachel Kate's Facebook.
Outfit Total: ~ $54.43

Here is a watercolor painting I did. I was inspired by the "Modern" Witch look that has been popular lately.
you can check this out on my instagram :)

I'm planning on posting my illustrations more often. I've been sort of nervous to post them
for some reason, but I am going to start posting them starting now.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon ;x