This post is titled doom because that is the name of the cardigan I am wearing

I went to Chicago last weekend with a friend for the Chicago Expo (an art gallery type of thing)
and we also went shopping at TopShop and Urban Outfitters. Since I have the UO on in this post, I will talk about it.
I always used to look on their website, but I'd never buy anything because I felt like their stuff was super expensive. Surprisingly I loved it there and I bought a few items, on sale of course ;)
Doom Cardigan - - £15 (GBP) So ~ $25

It may seem like a lot of money, but I've been wanting this cardigan forever and it finally went on sale from £50, which would be ~$80! Click here to check it out :)

Details of the cardigan
also I love Dropdead's label!

The front of the cardigan

Boots - Xhileration - Goodwill ~ $4

Here is a shirt I got from Urban Outfitters It is in the collection called BDG
[Bob, Dale & Greg Keystone (Brothers)]
It was only $5! I was sooo excited when I found this. They had so many cute prints, it was hard for me to pick what one I wanted.

This is the label that came off my DD cardigan, It also came with a car air freshener that smells awesome (I think it smells like cherry Twizzlers haha)
The candle holder/candle I got from a Spiritual Supply Store ($1.95)

This is another one of my favorite plants in my house.
It is a combination of succulents and some type of cactus.
My mom put this and the other one (here) together for a house warming gift.

This post's title also reminded me of a band I used to listen to a lot back in my earlier years of high school:
Job For A Cowboy - Doom (EP)
I love this Band ;)

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Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again my dear baby seals
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