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This is my favorite manga, it is called Another.
My boyfriend got it for me last X-mas. It was $30

 It is almost Halloween so if you are feeling in the spirit you should look into reading it.
There is also an anime which has some slight differences from the manga, but is still awesome!

You can read the manga HERE, but I think it's not as easy using the internet
You can watch the anime HERE, it is only 12 episodes long!

I would recommend checking it out especially if you like horror/suspense.

Beanie - Pacsun - (I actually just bought this yesterday on sale for $1.98)
Shirt - Coldwater Creek - Hand-me-down
Skirt - Vintage - Vintage store ($1.00)

Purse - Kendall & Kylie - PacSun (I got it on sale last year for $3)

HERE is the Kendall & Kylie page on Pacsun's website
There are a lot of cute things!

Heels - Divided - H&M (On sale for $10)
I found them on H&M's website, but they cost more now.
Get them Here

I received these Guatemalan Worry-Dolls last weekend as a gift.

For every worry you have, before bed, you tell it to a doll and put it under your pillow and the legend says the dolls will take your worries away.
You can read more about them HERE.

Aren't they just so cute ;3 they are only about 1 inch

If you google search "Guatemalan Worry-dolls"
you can find them and buy your own! :)
They are super cheap, anywhere between $1.00-$4.00)

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