Hello welcome to my blog.
It is starting to feel more like October lately, so it's time to get the sweaters out!

I didn't really know what to put for the title of this look, but since the shirt I am wearing has a skateboarding pelican on it, I figured 'Rad' fit perfectly.

Hat - No brand - Goodwill ($0.50)
Knitted Cardigan - H&M - H&M ($10)
Skater Pelican Crop Top - No brand - at a dollar store ($1.00)
I actually bought it in Florida over spring break. It is a child's shirt. I just stretched it out so it'd be somewhat loose.
Vintage High Rise Jeans - Levi's - Garage Sale ($1.00)
Shoes - Keds - Garage Sale ($1.00)

Feel free to leave any comments/ask questions :)

Hope you come back again my sweet baby seals