Do What You Love.

Do What You Love

Hello everyone,
 For today's post I wanted to talk about blogging, and how I started. Kaylee Jo's Fashion Show was created in May 2014 (the last month of my senior year in high school). I decided to start a personal fashion blog because:
  1. I love fashion, and styling outfits. I like how a single accessory/piece can change the entire look of an outfit, and how others perceive you.
  2. I was so inspired by these bloggers. I would look at their posts every day. (Le HappyFriday Night Style, KirstenKayle, Dulceida, and many more.

 Whenever I saw these bloggers' posts, I would be so inspired to create an outfit. This made me want to inspire others as well. I would wear things that people thought were weird, but they made me feel good, and unique. One time I wore Maroon velvet creepers (that I fell in love with from H&M) to school and my friends asked "What the hell are those?" I said "They're called Creepers." They all laughed, and of course would call me a creeper for the next week, but that didn't phase me. Also. my senior year in school I was elected among my class (in a little senior magazine) as the trendsetter along with another person. I was thinking "Why was I chosen? I don't even start trends, or talk about fashion to anyone". A friend said "You're wearing a faux leather skirt at one else wears stuff like that here" That got me thinking, so I started my blog. 

I  started by looking up blogging platforms that were free, and I also checked what my favorite bloggers used. At the time I loved the site called Lookbook, and discovered (what I use now) was very common among fashion bloggers. I would have my boyfriend take photos for me, (he still does to this day lol). Then I would post them on lookbook, and blogger. I've obviously learned a lot throughout the years on how to personalize the look, layout, add HTML links, and make the photos look good.

In the end my biggest regret is not starting it earlier. I was shy, and a bit embarrassed about starting my blog. It took me a while to start posting on social media, because I was so concerned what other would think, and partly because I had no clue what I was even doing. I never had Instagram or a Facebook PageI used to be VERY oh yes... underlined, bolded, and capitalized 'VERY' embarrassed of the name Kaylee Jo's Fashion Show. I had literally NO IDEA what to name my blog when I started. I spent days trying to figure it out, but I thought of the rhyming name as I was joking with my boyfriend, and it got stuck in my head. People would (and still do) ask what that "Fashion Show" that I post about is, or say the entire name in a weird tone, which still makes me cringe. Haha, it's sooo corny, but I love it now. I am a goofy, person and I love to joke around, so I believe it fits perfectly with my personality. Another thing was that I thought maybe I could start a Youtube channel to show my looks. but I wasn't comfortable seeing my body and the outfits in video form, let alone hear my voice recorded. trust me I tried recording a video, and editing about the most awkward thing haha. (who knows, maybe in the future I will start one). I was also asked more than once what I was doing  "that clothing stuff" for, or "oh is that for school or something?" but I decided this is what I love and I needed to get over the fear and embarrassment. I used to be self conscious of my body or how outfits looked, because most of the bloggers I saw were petite, and those same style clothes didn't look like that on me. Fashion blogging helps a TON. I've learned about what does/doesn't suit my body type, and I've gained a lot of knowledge. I've realized everyone is different in their own way. Also, It's a serious confidence boost when you put yourself out there/post your content, and receive positive feedback!

 It's only been a little over 2 years since I've started, and I have made so many connections (with people and companies) through my blog. You've got to keep doing what you love. You'll only get better the more time you spend on whatever it is. You're unique, and it will impact others. You only have so many years of your life, so why waste time being ashamed of yourself/doing what you truly love, or regretting the fact that you never started it! I'm not even sure if there are many people reading this, but I've been wanting to make this post for a while now. I hope it helps whoever you are.
If you're still feeling hesitant  after reading this post, watch this video:

HAHA, really should just do it though.