Purse: Loot Crate (Find it on eBay) / Pants: Harley Davidson - Garage Sale / "West Side" Booties: Cape Robin - Gypsy Warrior
It's getting too hot outside for me now, but I've been enjoying the pool on the up-side. So if I start to look more tan, you know why! I bought this purse on Depop since I cancelled my Loot Crate account a while back. It's perfect though; turtles are my favorite animals, and 'turtle' used to be my nickname when I was younger. TMNT were actually one of my favorites as a kid. When the movies came out...oh man. Sadly, I've only watched a little of the new TMNT movies, I'm not sure if I fully like them yet...I'll have to watch all of them and find out, I guess. I hope you enjoy this look. Feel free to share, or comment!