The Kramer

Top: Garage Sale (HERE/ Pants: Goodwill / Shoes: Charlotte Russe
If you were here on Wednesday, you would know that my camera went 
out on me. I went to the place that I originally purchased it, but they don't carry Canon parts, so she said I'd have to ship it to them and get an estimate. She also said it sounds like the lens shutter is broke, and it'd cost $200 to fix! I know it's not the shutter because I saw it moving.  Oh well, I will have to take it somewhere that can fix it and not have to ship it out I guess. So for now I'm using a friend's camera which is a Canon Powershot (what I used to use a long time ago). As for this look, I found this Kramer tee at a garage sale. I got it for only $1 which is awesome. I've been wearing it for days. Its very cute paired with high rise pants, and tieing it in the front. You may also notice that I cut my hair. It feels so much nicer than before, and I don't get as hot when I'm outside, haha.