Heavy Metal

Top: Handmade by me (Graphic iron on)/ Skirt: Pitaya / Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory / Sunglasses: Maurices

How are you so far this week? My camera went out on me, so I'm great... Luckily a friend let me borrow his digital camera, which happened to be the same model I used to have before I got my good one. Brings back memories of taking fashion photos from years ago. This post is the last pics I took before my camera went out, hopefully it's an easy fix. We'll see... Anywho, I made this tank a little while ago, and thought of selling some as well. It is a vintage 1988 Topps "T-Shirt Factory" iron on. The graphics they made are funny or satirical. This one says "Very Heavy Metal" and it is large robots fighting with instruments. Also another thing, this skirt was discounted because of a 'broken zipper' at Pitaya, but I know a handy trick to fix it. All you have to do it cut somewhere towards the beginning of the zip, and slip it on... it's hard to explain, but works every time so I got a cheap skirt, yay!  Maybe I should post a tutorial in the future.
Have a great rest of your week. Be sure to check in on Friday for a new post! I am hoping I can get my camera fixed, if not then I'll be using the one my friend let me borrow (you'll notice the quality difference, haha).